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The büro wahli consulting was formed in January, 1995 to provide consulting, design and shop drawing services to the Curtain Wall industries.Thomas Wahli Dipl.-Ing. (FH) decided to draw together the needed resources to meet this challenge.

We have experience with the concerns and design issues associated with the building envelop. We have trained, both deliberately and as a result of experience, to be very detail oriented and to visualize the product as we draw it. We like to build things and tend to approach detailing a project the same way we would if we were physically building and assembling the project.

We want to be your facade experts, a part of your team. We fit into the project process, by following your lead in the design of the building. We will advise, offer alternative solutions, explain the requirements, but ultimately we want the product to reflect the preferences and methods of our client.

Our goal is always to provide good value for the money spent. And, while we strive to be competitive, we believe in being the best at what we do not necessarily the least expensive. So as to minimize additional charges, we take care in our estimating process to determine the requirements of the project and provide a written description of our understanding of the service we will provide.

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